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Reuse and Recycling

The research focuses on the quality requirements of reclaimed waters for different types of reuse (agriculture, urban, recreational, industrial, ground water recharge) and on appropriate treatment methods to produce them. Emphasis is given to alternative disinfection processes and advanced treatment methods, including membranes. Research is also carried out in the field of sludge minimisation, valorisation and utilisation, including systems and management schemes  which produce less and high quality sludge, in terms of both conventional (e.g.pathogens) and hazardous (metals, micro-organics) pollutants.

Selected Research Projects.

  • Sustainable Management of Industrial Liquid Effluents and Sludges (SMILES) (General Secretariat of Research, 2003-2007).
  • Wastewater management through treatment and reuse methods appropriate for agricultural communities in Cyprus (Ministry of Environment, Planning and Public Works, 2001).
  • Treatment and reuse of sewage and sludge in Middle East and South Mediterrammean Coutnries (Ministry of Environment and Public Works, 2000-2001).
  • Wastewater reuse for seawater intrusion control by artificial recharging of  aquifers and irrigation. LIFE, EC, DG XI (1999-2002).
  • Hygienic Management of Sludge for Agricultural Utilisation (EU-DGXVI, 1997-2000).
  • Technico-economical and Environmental study for the Management of the Sludges Produced in Psytallia (Ministry of Environment and Public Works, 1996).