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Pilot Studies & Modelling

Pilot Studies and Modelling

In the field of water and sewage treatment, the Laboratory has developed collaborations with the Greek Ministry of Environment, Planning and Public Works, the Water Supply and Sewerage Corporation of Athens (EYDAP) and other Local Water and Sewerage Authorities. Representative activities include the design and three year operation of the Sanitary Research and Development Center of EYDAP, the monitoring and optimisation of operation of WWTP’s of Volos and Ioannina , the commissioning of laboratories (Lesvos), the training of personnel of WWTPs as well as the evaluation of operational characteristics of WWTPs (Chania, Lamia, Leivadia, Thessaloniki, Chalkida, Alexandroupoli, Kavala, Karditsa, Larissa, etc.).
For the design, upgrading, and evaluation of alternative treatment systems as well as for the study of specific issues  pilot units and mathematical models are extensively employed. In addition to the commercially available software, several mathematical models relevant to wastewater treatment systems (WASTE-SIM, AS-DESIGN, BULKING-SIM, BATCH, RBC-SIM) and water quality (EUTRO-SEL-L, EUTRO-SEL-S, METKANA) have been developed, as well as databases related to ecosystems, wetlands and landscapes, wastewater treatment systems suitable for small communities, filamentous microorganisms, wastewater treatment plants operational data, sludge characteristics and quality characteristics of water bodies in Greece.

Specialised studies
Advisory services to laboratories in WWTPs
Optimisation of the operation of WWTPs and investigation of operational problems.
Wastewater and sludge characterisation
Optimisation of chemical dosing for the production of potable and reclaimed water.
Pilot studies for the evaluation and optimised operation of alternative advanced treatment systems and disinfection processes.
Sludge conditioning and sanitisation.
Pilot units for the treatment of sewage,leachates, industrial wastewaters and sludges.
Pilot studies for agricultural sludge utilisation.
Mathematical modelling of Activated Sludge and other treatment processes (SBR, RBC, Membrane reactors).
Water Quality Modelling.
Toxicity assessments.
Microscopic observations of activated sludge, identification of filamentous organisms and floc characteristics.
Environmental impact studies.