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SEL is engaged in basic and applied research and provides expertise in the field of water resources and environmental management. SEL successfully combines experimental work and theoretical analysis often by means of laboratory and mathematical simulations.

Research projects requiring a broader field of expertise are usually conducted in cooperation with the other laboratories of the Department of Water Resources, and Environmental Engineering.

The results of the research activities are disseminated in the form of PhD, MSc and Diploma theses, project reports and scientific papers published in scientific journals or proceedings of conferences. During the last decade 6 PhD, 100 MSc and 70 Diploma theses, 65 research reports as well as more than 150 papers have been published. Most of the theses, reports and publications are available from the library of the Department.

In addition to research funded directly by NTUA, the major part of SEL research is sponsored by international organizations (mainly the EU), and public and private organisations in Greece (e.g. the Ministry of Environment, Planning and Public Works, the Ministry for Development ,the General Secretariat of Research and Technology, Water and Sewerage Corporations, local authorities and private companies). The financial management of all research projects is conducted by the Research Committee of NTUA


Research Fields