Pilot Studies & Modelling

Pilot Studies and Modelling

In the field of water and sewage treatment, the Laboratory has developed collaborations with the Greek Ministry of Environment, Planning and Public Works, the Water Supply and Sewerage Corporation of Athens (EYDAP) and other Local Water and Sewerage Authorities. Representative activities include the design and three year operation of the Sanitary Research and Development Center of EYDAP, the monitoring and optimisation of operation of WWTP’s of Volos and Ioannina , the commissioning of laboratories (Lesvos), the training of personnel of WWTPs as well as the evaluation of operational characteristics of WWTPs (Chania, Lamia, Leivadia, Thessaloniki, Chalkida, Alexandroupoli, Kavala, Karditsa, Larissa, etc.).
For the design, upgrading, and evaluation of alternative treatment systems as well as for the study of specific issues  pilot units and mathematical models are extensively employed. In addition to the commercially available software, several mathematical models relevant to wastewater treatment systems (WASTE-SIM, AS-DESIGN, BULKING-SIM, BATCH, RBC-SIM) and water quality (EUTRO-SEL-L, EUTRO-SEL-S, METKANA) have been developed, as well as databases related to ecosystems, wetlands and landscapes, wastewater treatment systems suitable for small communities, filamentous microorganisms, wastewater treatment plants operational data, sludge characteristics and quality characteristics of water bodies in Greece.

Specialised studies
Advisory services to laboratories in WWTPs
Optimisation of the operation of WWTPs and investigation of operational problems.
Wastewater and sludge characterisation
Optimisation of chemical dosing for the production of potable and reclaimed water.
Pilot studies for the evaluation and optimised operation of alternative advanced treatment systems and disinfection processes.
Sludge conditioning and sanitisation.
Pilot units for the treatment of sewage,leachates, industrial wastewaters and sludges.
Pilot studies for agricultural sludge utilisation.
Mathematical modelling of Activated Sludge and other treatment processes (SBR, RBC, Membrane reactors).
Water Quality Modelling.
Toxicity assessments.
Microscopic observations of activated sludge, identification of filamentous organisms and floc characteristics.
Environmental impact studies.


Research includes surveys of ecosystems and species of the Greek natural environment, construction of a database for sensitive areas and development of landscape aesthetic assessment methods.

Selected Research Projects.

  • Development of a data bank for the Natural Environment in Greece (EC, DG XI).
  • Identification and determination of protection measurements for areas of great natural beauty (Ministry of Environment, Planning and Public Works, EPPER).
  • Investigation of the possibilities for the management and protection of Lake Plastira – Mathematical Modelling of the water quality parameters of the Lake (Municipality of Karditsa, 2001-2002).

Reuse and Recycling

The research focuses on the quality requirements of reclaimed waters for different types of reuse (agriculture, urban, recreational, industrial, ground water recharge) and on appropriate treatment methods to produce them. Emphasis is given to alternative disinfection processes and advanced treatment methods, including membranes. Research is also carried out in the field of sludge minimisation, valorisation and utilisation, including systems and management schemes  which produce less and high quality sludge, in terms of both conventional (e.g.pathogens) and hazardous (metals, micro-organics) pollutants.

Selected Research Projects.

  • Sustainable Management of Industrial Liquid Effluents and Sludges (SMILES) (General Secretariat of Research, 2003-2007).
  • Wastewater management through treatment and reuse methods appropriate for agricultural communities in Cyprus (Ministry of Environment, Planning and Public Works, 2001).
  • Treatment and reuse of sewage and sludge in Middle East and South Mediterrammean Coutnries (Ministry of Environment and Public Works, 2000-2001).
  • Wastewater reuse for seawater intrusion control by artificial recharging of  aquifers and irrigation. LIFE, EC, DG XI (1999-2002).
  • Hygienic Management of Sludge for Agricultural Utilisation (EU-DGXVI, 1997-2000).
  • Technico-economical and Environmental study for the Management of the Sludges Produced in Psytallia (Ministry of Environment and Public Works, 1996).

Water Quality

Research in coastal microbial pollution control of bathing waters, monitoring of the quality of coastal and surface waters and groundwaters, assessment of eutrophication related problems in surface water bodies and optimisation of outfalls for effluent discharge.

Selected Research Projects.

  • Chromium in Asopos groundwater system: remediation technologies and measures (CHARM) (LIFE, EC, 2011-2015).
  • Consultancy services on environmental issuses concerning the Water and Sewage Authority of Thiva (Municipality of Thiva 2007-2008).
  • Assessment of alternative methods to control odour and taste problems in drinking water (Association for Water Supply of Karditsa, Sofades and near-by communities and by the District of Thessaly, 2006-2007).
  • Scientific Project for the determination of: a) the application of mathematical modelling for the estimation of the trophic state of the water and b) the fate of microbial load through the application of mathematical modelling, in the Olympic Centre of Rowing and Canoeing at the area of Schinias Marathonas (Ministry of Environment, Planning and Public Works, Specific Department of Public Works- Olympic Games Commission 2004, 2003-2004).
  • Adaptive decision support system (ADSS) for stormwater pollution control: the integration of stormwater source control into sustainable urban water management strategies – DAYWATER, (EU RTD 5th Framework Programme, 2002-2005).
  • Determination of quality parameters and mathematical modelling of the water quality of the Olympic ring of Schinias (Enveco Α.Ε., 2002-2003).
  • Estimation and Prevention of Microbial Pollution in bathing Waters (Greek Academy of Sciences, 1996-1997).
  • Evaluation of Nitrate Pollution of Surface and Ground Waters (Ministry of Environment and Public Works, 1993-1994).
  • Development and application of mathematical models for the determination of quality characteristics of coastal waters, (NTUA 1989-1994)
  • Assessment of the water quality characteristics of Kalamas river and Pamvotida lake (Ministry of Environment and Public Works, 1983-1984).

Water Resources Management

Research in environmental management with particular emphasis on water resources management within the context of the Water Framework Directive (2000/60) and relevant European Community and National legislation (drinking water quality 80/778/EEC and 98/83/EC, quality of surface waters intended for the abstraction of drinking water fro human consumption 75/440/EEC, quality of bathing waters 76/160/EEC, protection of waters against pollution caused by nitrates from agricultural sources 91/676/EEC, urban wastewater treatment 91/271/EEC, landfill of solid wastes 99/31/EC, protection of the environment and in particular of the soil, when sewage sludge is used in agriculture 86/278/EEC).

Selected Research Projects.

  • Hydropolis - Urban Development and Water Infrastructure:  Towards innovative decentralized urban water management (Ministry of Education, Riligious Affairs, Culture and Sports, 2012-2015).
  • Guidelines to the Cyprus Competent Authorities for policy formulation for sustainable management of pig farming wastes in compliance with EU Practice (LIFE, EC, 2004-2007).
  • Development and implementation of integrated water resources management policy to a river basin, through the application of a social wide local agreement, based on the principles of Agenda 21 and the provisions of Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC. (LIFE, EC, DG XI, 2004-2007).
  • Integrated Management of Hydrosystems in Conjunction with an Advanced Information System (ODYSSEYS) (General Secretariat of Research, 2003-2006).
  • Revision of the Master-plan for the Management of Water Resources in Greece (Ministry of Development, 2002-2003)
  • Investigation of the possibilities for the management and protection of Lake Plastira – Mathematical Modelling of the water quality parameters of the Lake (Municipality of Karditsa, 2001-2002).
  • Implementation of EC Directive 91/271 for Wastewater treatment and disposal in Greece ((Ministry of Environment and Public Works (2001-2002).
  • Towards a sustainable management of solid wastes in the EU, (EU-DGXII 1996-2000).
  • Design and Operation of Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Plants. Human Network for Dissemination of Research and Technology (General Secretariat for Research and Technology, 1996-1998).
  • Master-plan for the Management of Water Resources in Greece (Ministry of Development, 1996-1997).
  • Specifications for a Survey of Industrial Wastewaters in Greece (Ministry of Environment and Public Works, 1996).
  • European Centre for Mathematics and Technology of Urban Water Pollution (EU- DG, 1994-1998).
  • Evaluation of Alternative Schemes for Supplying Corfu with Potable Water (County of Corfu, 1994).